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Creativity lies in the vision of the creator these words seem truly justified if a good visualiser and a wise editor contribute skills in creating the meaningful output.We provide 100% practical exposure along with necessary theoretical knowledge.We are sure our better training methods will polish active intelligence and creativity of students to enable their best.

A good cameraperson has to have a keen eye to command camera.The main objective & usage of lighting involves enlightenment of picture to present the perfect view.During the training session, students undergo carefully designed practical exercises to make their own production, which later on moulds them into creative camerapersons.

A globalised media industry demands qualified anchors and reporters.SAMS prepares the aspirants to become confident, polished and well trained. We assistyou to become an outstanding persona of this competitive industry.An additional specialisation will also be given to students to reach perfection in News Presentation.


Minimum Eligibility: 10+2, Basic Computer Knowledge,English and Hindi desirable

Diploma in Mass Communication (DMC)

Conceptualisation,scripting,Production,Planning,Shooting,Editing,Final Packaging of TV programmes like serials, game shows, talk shows, documentaries, films, docudrama, special shows on crime, sports, etc. Students are given adequate training to handle the audio and video equipment personally to make their own productions.

P.G Diploma in Print and Electronic Journalism

Course covers the entire field of print and electronic media.Creative writing and reporting skills,Copy writing and the editorial function, Photo journalism, Newspaper and Magazine layout and design are sone of its highlights.We offer the above mentioned studies with in-depth knowledge and creativity that will ultimately strengthen your skills.

Diploma in Video Editing, Camera and Lighting Techniques

To pursue a career in video editing and camera lighting, students must understand the overall concept of both.We provide 100% practical exposure along with requisite theoretical knowledge.During the training session, students undergo carefully designed practical exercises to make their own production, which later mould them into professional camerapersons and video editors.

Diploma in Acting

Over a period of three/six months, the intensive full-time professional-level course provides specialized training in acting. The students are trained in a variety of classes which broadens their knowledge of acting techniques and style. The first half of the programme concentrates on the foundations of acting, using training techniques rooted in theatre but applicable to screen acting. Students also participate in a broad array of core classes that introduce them to finding the actor within, while simultaneously training themselves to do the kind of technical, emotional, and physical work necessary for film acting.