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Chairman & Managing Director
(Sadhna Group)

Dear Students,

Sadhna Academy for Media Studies (SAMS) is committed to excellence in Mass communication, Journalism and television production education and training so that its alumni, through their work, may make it an even better world one day. We have made all possible efforts to nurture the talent within you and hope that the education and training you receive at this academy will be helpful to you in effectively communicating with the masses. Always strive for excellence in your work as it is the fittest who will be able to survive in the highly competitive show business. I believe that positive thinking and self-belief is integral to ascend the ladder of success. Most of us strive very hard to grab the accolades in our respective fields but seldom think about bringing up the positive vibrations and spirit of dedication within us. We always want to taste the sweet success in life but, without fine-tuning our own attitude, full potential cannot be realized. Remember your best 'yourself' will help you in long run to achieve goals of life. SAMS is one institution that sets you apart and makes you special.
Best Wishes.

(Sadhna Group)

Dear Students,

Sadhna Academy for Media Studies offers UGC recognized degree and diploma courses in Media Industry.The biggest challenge is to prepare youths for meeting the challenges of a globalized world. Students of today face a world that perpetually demands new knowledge and abilities; a world that requires the students to become adaptable, life-long learners and efficient in an ever-changing scenario of new skills and competencies. Sadhna Academy is committed towards imparting these skills to its students, where they easily carve out a niche for themselves. Besides vital academic activities, SAMS is also focusing on the overall personality development of the students. We not only give the theoretical exposure but also impart practical training to the aspiring journalists of our Academy. The rolex replica college has several challenges, and we will work together to overcome these. We are sure that we shall overcome all hurdles to ensure real- time changes and respond to the demands through our commitment to stand firmly in the field of media education. Apart from this we also have a strong training & placement cell which regularly interacts with industries.  I hope that students of our Academy shall bring pride to the institute and become worthy journalists of our great nation.
Best Wishes.

S Mukherjee
Group CEO
(Sadhna Group)

Dear Students,

Welcome to Sadhna Academy for Media Studies (SAMS).
A reputed institution for Media Studies, SAMS is a part of Sadhna Group, which is a well known and reputed Media House, operating multiple Television Channels, Publication and Production house. In today's world, Media plays a very vital role in building up our present day society by bringing out the truths and expressing them to the mass. Being a responsible Media person (Journalist), is the need of the hour.There are multiple Media Institutions in and around Delhi/NCR. Then why SAMS? As because, SAMS, being a part of Sadhna Media Group, owning multiple Television channels, has the unique advantage of In House facilities & hands-on Training programmes in its various TV studios, PCRs, MCRs, Editing, graphics etc. Apart from getting Theoretical classes, our students gets the opportunity and added benefits of practical trainings in our LIVE studios. This is only possible as Sadhna Group is running TV channels from the same premises. Our faculty members, including guest faculties, are all very experienced. And our in house media professionals from various channels, extends their valuable guidelines and trainings to the SAMS students, including interactive seasons. Our In House Anchors, Producers, Programmers, Reporters, Editors, Designers, Broadcast engineers, plays a major role in shaping up the students of SAMS, as per the present day requirements. Not many Media institutes can enjoy such unique advantages. This also opens up the Internship opportunities for the SAMS students in our own channels, and absorbing the bright students amongst them. Apart from hard core media studies, our faculty members also gives immense importance to personal grooming, spoken English and personality development, which are a must in today's competitive world.SAMS is a training ground where students are immersed into a creative community, that utilizes technology to communicate through multiple forms of media. We empower students to be critical thinkers and creators of information. We provide opportunities for students to create and grow through the prism of journalism, media and mass communication.

With this, we welcome our students to be a part of Sadhna Media, and join SAMS to be Media professionals of future.
Wishing you a great carrier ahead.....

Sonia Sharma
(Admin Head SAMS)

Dear Students,

Welcome to the newer, fresher and smarter group of modern professionals. We nurture you with creativity, positivity and a vivacious attitude towards life.“Believe in the best, think your best, have a goal for your best, never be satisfied with less than your best, try your best, and in the long run things will turn out for the best” although this quote was given by none other than the very famous ‘Mr. Henry Ford’ but this dictum is strongly followed by me in professional as well as personal life. I believe that positive thinking and self-belief is integral to ascend the ladder of success. Most of us strive very hard to grab the accolades in our respective fields but do we ever think about bringing on the positive vibrations and spirit of dedication within us? Strange but true! We always want to taste the sweet success in life instead of working on our own attitude. Remember your best ‘yourself’ will help you in long run to achieve goals of life. The replica watches highly competitive atmosphere prods everyone to prove themselves as special in the crowd. SAMS is one institution that sets you apart from the general mob. Well, I am not delivering the usual moral lecture…but through my words, I desire to create a difference in you so that you never taste failure in any exam of life, be it personal, professional or social. With the above thought and vision, I hope our academic values will enhance the overall persona of the upcoming modern professionals.

Sadhna TV

Sadhna TV is a popular channel featuring socio-spiritual content. Sadhna is an Endeavour that, for the first time in India, attempts to bring social and spiritual leaders onto a single platform. This unique channel was launched on 18th April, 2003. The main focus of the channel is to highlight the spiritual wealth of our culture and heritage. Sadhna also offers a wide range of balanced programmes, which strive to lay equal stress on all social, political, business, entertainment and current affairs related issues.

Sadhna News – Bangla

Sadhna News-Bangla, is a very popular News and Infotainment channel, led by one of the renowned journalist in West Bengal, and it covers entire West Bengal and Eastern India for Bengali Viewership. it has acclaimed name and fame amongst the Bengali Viewers.

Ishwar TV

After the grand success of socio spiritual channel, Sadhna TV, the group launched Ishwar Bhakti channel on similar lines. It is a channel serving spiritual, astrological and cultural content to the Indian audience.


The first regional News Channel offering of the Sadhna TV network, Sadhna News MP/CG, created history by becoming number one regional News Channel within hundred days of its telecast- a position it continues to hold in MP and Chhattisgarh market. Innovative programming and widest reach through insightful penetration has made it an effective vehicle to reach viewers in all target groups including MP and Chhattisgarh.

Sadhna Plus News

Sadhna Plus News is a National News and Infotainment channel, in Hindu language, catering to the Hindi Speaking Diaspora, across India. Apart fromNews of National interest, It also covers extensively News from Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi/ NCR, Rajasthan, Orissa, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana and other northern states. It also has good worldwide viewership with LIVE streaming availability on internet and mobile platforms.


Founded by Shri Ishwar Prakash Gupta in 1977, the Rashtriya began operations as a small advertising agency. The company made steady progress through the seventies. Post-1982, with Mr. Dinesh Gupta at the helm, Rashtriya Advertising metamorphosed into a multimedia advertising and PR house. From then till now, this small enterprise has grown both vertically and horizontally to emerge as a strong corporate group, the ‘Rashtriya Group’. Today, the Group has a presence in 24 cities across the country. The new millennium also saw Rashtriya enter into diverse business areas: aviation, steel, bio-energy, mining, real estate and infrastructure. The Rashtriya Group is now known as Prabhatam Group.


Graphisads is now a part of the MAPPS Group. MAPPS has over three decades of experience and expertise in advertising & brand building, besides making a mark in diversified fields. The MAPPS group believes in a simple philosophy. Diversify. Consolidate. And Expand. As a conglomerate, MAPPS Group is successfully dealing in Maintenance and Service for Helicopters, Real Estate Promotion, Real Estate Portal and Barter besides of course Advertising. Operations have expanded from Delhi to Mumbai, Gurgaon, Dehradun, Srinagar.


Sadhna Path' is an exclusive Hindi monthly, equipped to set guidelines on various socio-cultural aspects, health related issues, and astrological studies. Sadhna Path, as the name suggests, basically concentrates on spiritualism, occultism and socio-cultural aspects of Indian society, and strives to provide them as integrated features.

Prabhatam Aviation

Prabhatam Aviation Private Limited is the culmination of the Rashtriya Group's strategy to enter into the emerging high-growth civil aviation sector. The new aviation company aspires to create air transportation connectivity across routes that do not currently figure on the Indian aviation map.